Welcome! We are so glad you are here.

How many services do you have?

For you convenience, we offer two identical services. One at 9:30 and the other at 11:00 AM, every Sunday morning.

How long are your services?

All services run for an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes.

Do you offer a children's program?

Yes. We offer SPROUTS for children newborn to age 3 during both our services. Our nursery room is conveniently equipped with a bathroom for toddlers who are potty-training. FIRST LOOK (3-5yrs) is our preschool class offered during the 11:00 service. Preschool attend SPROUTS during the 9:30 service. 252 is our K-5th program that is offered at both Sunday services. BYG is our grades 6-12 Bethel Youth Group that gathers at 11:00 on Sunday morning.

Do you offer Small Groups?

Yes. There are numerous smaller community groups available at Bethel. On Sunday morning we have a Young Adult Group that meets after the 11:00 service and an Adult Community Group that meets during the 11:00 service. We also have 5 Life Groups to chose from that meet outside of church hours, often at people's homes. Lastly, there are Men's, Women's, and Senior's groups that meet throughout the week. Please let us know if you are interested or visit our Welcome Center for more information.

How can I connect with people on a Sunday morning?

We have recently opened our NEW Family Room adjacent to the Main Auditorium for this very purpose. Our hope is that our newly created space will offer an open environment to get a cup of coffee, relax, play some ping pong, and build new friendships. This space was designed with your family in mind, so please come early or stay late and make yourself at home.

How do people dress at your church?

Dress is casual. Come as you are!

Do you offer anything during the week?

Yes! There is always something going on at the church. We offer many activities you can take part in during the week. View our calendar/events on the "Together" tab for a list of the opportunities!