Membership Classes

Are you curious about membership?

Do you want to discover what it means to be a church member?

Membership classes are offered quarterly.

They are offered at both 9:30am & 11:00am services.

Please contact the church office for more information.

Bethel Baptist Church is full of people who enjoy our music and preaching, whose families benefit from our many programs and ministries. These things do not make one a member. Some of them are friends who observe and attend. Some of them are active, yet still not fully devoted. Some of them have formally joined the family of Bethel. As family members, they take their membership seriously and are fully contributing parts of this wonderful thing called the church!

"Who makes up Bethel Baptist Church?" We're not looking for spectators or even sideline cheerleaders. We're looking for those who are in the game. Except that our mission is not a game--it's our very reason for being on earth. In other words, we are looking for friends to become family. To share in the vision and work to make a difference in the spiritual landscape of Mankato and the world.

Becoming a member is the culmination of a series of important steps. Similar to being hired by a company. It doesn't mean that your work is finished. In fact, it is only just beginning. To become a member at Bethel Baptist Church is to affirm where you are in your spiritual journey, and where you are going. It is a step of being a "fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ."

What is required of members? How does a person become a member? These are the questions this class addresses and seeks to answer.