Leadership Nominations

Have you considered serving on a board?

The Nominating Committee is seeking names of members who are interested in serving on a board at Bethel. We need people willing to serve on the Audit Committee, the Nominating Committee and the Leadership Board.

The Audit Committee is responsible for auditing church financial records and the actions of the Leadership Board.

The Nominating Committee is responsible for presenting a slate of canditates, each year, for vacant positions on church boards and committees.

The Leadership Board is responsible for working with the Senior Pastor to establish church vision and direction; and develop plans for implementation of that vision. Leadership Board oversees church and ministry operations, including evangelism, education, worship and missions.

All candidates for these standing church committees and leadership board must be members in good standing for at least one year.

If you are interested in serving, or know someone who could serve, please submit names to the Nominating committee by email to office@bethelmankato.com or on Sunday through the offering box, or at the church office during the week.

Thank you for your help in ensuring our legacy of leadership at Bethel.

-Bethel Nominating Team